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HuntJS V0.7.2 demo

Event driven framework for building clustered applications

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HuntJS is a MIT licensed nodejs framework used for rapid prototyping and developing multipage and single page (working as backend) web applications, RESTfull APIs, telnet compatible servers (pop3, imap, smtp) and background services.

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Hello world example!

  'port': 3000
.extendController('/', function (core, router) {
  router.get('/', function (req, res) {
    res.send('Hello, world!');

System requirements

Mandatory dependencies:

  • Linux - this is your problem, if you want to build this package on other operating systems. But i have reports that HuntJs works on MacOs
  • NodeJS >= v0.10.26
  • Redis >= v2.6.16 - needed for web applications

Optional dependencies: