Tutorial: Changelog



Added bodyParserLimit with default value of 100kb to config object - see body-parser documentation for details.


Newer dependencies. Improved Dockerfile.


Optimize function for signing in / signing up via oAuth providers - proper event name for creating new profile,


Newer dependencies. Use winston for reporting errors instead of email. Typo fixed for accidently logging huntKeys. Tested on NodeJS of 5.1.0 version.


More consistent error messages and REST api behaviour. Hunt#md5, Hunt#sha512 methods. Tested on NodeJS of 5.0.0 version. Official Dockerfile provided. Fix bug with cluster not making child process do things. Added canCreate and fieldsWritable to display possibility of creating new entities for current user in exportModel query method. Refactoring of authorization controller. Added remember me behaviour for signing in. Improve hunt.model.User.signup(username,email,password,callback) function to also work with username Each webserver process with socket.io enabled now uses 2 redis connections instead of 3. Newer dependencies.


Typo in default error reporter fixed.


Usage of long time support NodeJS version of 4.2.1 and NPM of 2.14.7 Newer dependencies for this NodeJS version. Support of older nodejs version will be deprecated.


Prevent possible memleak in hunt.mulpipart middleware. Newer dependencies.


Newer dependencies.


Fix rare issue for malformed session information in redis database.


Fix issue with socket.io malfunction when we try to avoid using websockets. Deprecate hash strategy - it is a part of local strategy now. Unit tests for socket.io. Remove old passport strategies for paypal, intuit and yahoo - they do not work due to authorization provider changes.


Deprecated hunt.extendRoutes and hunt.extendMiddleware - we have hunt.extendController instread. Refactored usage of passport.js via express.router. More recent dependencies. Memory leaks with loose connection sockets fixed. Events are emited on objects manipulated by means of exportModel. Greatly improved unit test structure.


Fix issue with connect-flash middleware not working. Event emitted on OAuth authorization is more useful. Script to generate documentation and test coverage on heroku.


Temporary downgrade for PassportJS to 0.2.2 version for it to work with socket.io properly. Various fixes in dialog api, even if it is to be deprecated in favour of exporting the messages model. Added myself boolean in exported user model to show, when we get our profile by means of GET /api/v1/users/{myUserId} More recent dependencies


Jshint integration without webstorm Fix issues with missing check for deleting uploaded files More recent dependencies


Added Hunt#loadModelsFromDirectory function Added Hunt#forceHttps middleware present - see docs Proper path to repo and issues in package.json


Updated dependencies to more recent ones


Updated dependencies to more recent ones


Fix typo with in default user's model and default user's model behaviour. Flash message for logging out. Pretty print json on development environment.


Fix issue with Hunt.extendTelnet not returning Hunt instance Improvements in code of example. Updated dependencies to more recent ones. Fix rare race conditions in Hunt.preload middleware. Improvements in documentation and tutorials.


https://www.npmjs.com/package/validator is exported as hunt.validator.


Updated dependencies to more recent ones


We can configure socket.io by via config object with this parameters all of this parameters https://github.com/Automattic/engine.io#methods-1


Updated dependencies to more recent ones


Fix rare issue with malformed user profiles in session storage. User#email setter converts the email to lower case in all places where it is used. (Sorry for Cyrillic domains) Break socket.io connection in Mozilla browser like described here https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=712329 Fix rare bug in local strategy for reseting password with malformed users account


User#notifyByEmail now have the user profile in the context of email message template. Fix rare issue with reseting password with missing keychain.welcomeLink


Fix issues for sending emails with undefined callback


Fix for clearing temporary files resulted from processing uploaded files via Hunt.multipart middleware


Feature - we can use hunt.emit('broadcast', message) to emit socket.io messages with different payload, defined in message.type. The backward compatibility with 3.x.x branch exists. Minor updates in dependencies


We use the Mongoose 4.x branch now. The CHANGELOG.md is created.